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D.I.S.C. Assessment.

  • Its an interpersonal communication model that allows to identify our communication style and avoid barriers with other communication styles by slightly tweaking our own.
  • It is a highly reliable assessment tool that identifies talent and describes a person’s behavioural style and areas they will be most productive in.

DISC is the definitive tool to understand behaviour:

  • Allows to learn more about the individuals that are already a part of your company. Informs about their suitability for internal hires, succession and new hires.
  • Diagnostic tool to assess and, combined with the in depth interview, results in a clear image of the individuals’ behaviour.

The DISC method is based on 4 predictable factors of behaviour: 

  • DOMINANCE   How we respond to obstacles and challenges
  • INTERACTION  How we interact and influence others
  • SERENITAT  How we respond to changes and different environments
  • COMPLIANCE How we respond to rules and directives


  • Take a deeper look to our needs and motivations towards others.
  • Recognise our own communication style and the impact it has on others.
  • Practise the tool in selection processess, training or coaching.
  • Learn a way to identify our talent and that of others.
  • Apply it to selection processess, sales, negotiation, leadership and team management.
  • Identifying the interlocutor’s communication style, needs and motivations.
  • Incorporate techniques for adapt to the interlocutor style and avoid communication barriers.
  • Contrast the professional’s characteristics with the position requirements to check for fit.
  • DISC allows for more efficient sales, teams and the selection of the most appropriate candidates.

To conclude, it is a unique ocasion to detect areas in need of improvement and strengths in individuals and teams.